Wild West

Are we returning to the Wild West?   Looking at the news feeds and pictures that come across my devices, it is possible.  According to the media, we have Terrorism, Domestic disputes, Perverts, and Bonnie and Clyde escapades.  Not to mention land wars,  water rights disputes,  riots,  and just plain ugly hateful people.

I keep hearing how the world is going so horribly wrong today.   I see it as not much has changed.  We have had over 200 years, and many more in some areas of the world, of ugly. 

Where was the media coverage for the Discovering of America?  Columbus may or may not have discovered it.  I do not think so.   People lived in many areas of the world in fear or blissful ignorance.  The same needs for all,  food, water, and shelter.  No media standing outside the villages or city’s, to cry foul.  People have always been murdered for having what others want.  Marauding bands of  Spanish, Romans, English, Arabs, and Vikings.  There are many more people who roamed the world in search of better.

Wars have always existed, and truth be told, always will be.   There will always be hate-filled people, rumors, misunderstandings, and others wanting what the others have.

Maybe it is worse today maybe not.  I have had in my family background, murderers, people murdered,  peaceful farmers,  city dwellers,  marauding tribes,  land grabbers, immigrants, and crazy people.  There are most likely many things that past family history has that I do not know about.  We seem to be peaceful, intelligent, hard working, stubborn, and kind today.  Maybe, just a bit of crazy in there still.

I am sad when I see and hear about the awful things people do to each other in the world.  I understand it may be my family and friends at any moment.  My head is not buried in the sand.  I wish things were different for many in the world. 

For today, I will talk to good friends,  family,  kind strangers, and all of the good things that happen everyday.

As for my Wild West, it is still a great world, and people are still wonderful.  I will keep seeing my Wild West as beautiful.  Your choices are yours to make.


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