Our Front Door

Welcome to our front door.

We are three humans and three cats, unless you count the neighborhood ones that sit on the porch.  Today we have 4 cats.  We have an interesting household, with various shenanigans going on all day.  Our doorbell rings at random times 24 hours a day.

Everyone runs to check it hoping for more gifts arriving.  Even the cats run to see if it may be new food from Amazon sitting on the porch.  Maybe even some catnip.  Or just someone willing to give them a treat.

Berk wants to be first to get to the door in case there are any tech items or Gundam supply’s coming in.

Tom hopes for some new tools or items to build or repair with.

I typically hope it is something fun to do.  Tickets to concerts, plays, and travel.

Here is the kicker, the doorbell rings sometimes and no one is there, well, we call him Dude.  When Dude is at the door, he is invisible.  He is so awesome, because he can ring the doorbell like a Yanni song.  Not just a simple ding dong, but a long drawn out song.

He likes to ring the doorbell during the weirdest hours, 3am, or even 1pm.  We know to not answer the bell after 11pm, or before 7am.  It is usually just Dude.  The rest of the time we just say come on in Dude.  We don’t answer when he plays his song,  as we know who it is.  He will trick us sometimes though.  Dude will  ring the doorbell with a regular Ding Dong at like 11:30 pm, then everyone runs to see what we got dropped on the porch, or who it is.  Laughter, and lots of Dude did it goes on.  Who knows what today will bring at our front door.



  1. eh three period · October 30

    dude is old school. live at the acropolis style. good times. be happy the dude likes Yanni and not Dave Mustaine.


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